About Clear Sound Atlanta

Clear Sound Atlanta was launched to remedy a common problem many local musicians face during live performances -- poor sound quality. Achieving clear sound is a science that requires Pro Audio equipment and an experienced sound professional. CSA has an extensive inventory of AV equipment and a team of service-oriented technicians who are professionally trained to deliver high quality sound and great visuals for your event.

Clear Sound Atlanta (CSA), is an Audio Visual rental company that services the Atlanta metropolitan area. Whether your event has 50 or 1,000's of attendees, is indoors or outdoors, our systems will deliver clean, clear and crisp sound. We will work with you to design a system that's right for your event. At CSA, we have the experience and knowledge to handle your AV needs. Keep your hands free. Let us handle the AV for your event. we'll deliver, setup, operate, and remove equipment.


Norris Wooten
Norris manages marketing communications, new business development, and operations for Clear Sound Atlanta. After attending Devry School of Technology in Decatur Georgia, he jumped right into entrepreneurship. Norris brings over 20 years of entrepreneurship to include Co - owning and operating a barbershop and salon, Co – owning and producing an independent record label along with managing producing, performing with and strategically promoting his live band.

Norris has performed with or on the same stage as local renowned artist, and national artist. Some of the artist includes Jennifer Holliday from the original Broadway stage play Dream Girls, Sleepy Brown from one of Atlanta's most influential producing teams "The Dungeon Family", and singer Erykah Badu. He also performed on BET's television program, The Mo'Nique Show.

Music transitioned Norris into the world of Audio Visual services. He has always been an AV enthusiast. Performing over the years has given Norris the edge on understanding the needs for live bands across various genres. Already technically inclined, it made for an easy transition. Norris trained directly and attentively under certified and well accomplished engineers he would hire for his events and live performances. A few of these engineers are former co - owner of Clear Sound Atlanta, Geoffrey Holmes now currently System Engineer for the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia, and Grammy Award Nominee, Charles Tony Homer (Musician, Engineer and Music Producer) Norris now manages a team of technicians who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and high-quality sound for each event.



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