Engineering Services

CSA Sound Engineers are professionally trained and they spend hours learning and mastering the ever-changing technical aspects of how to create the perfect mix. Our engineers seek out and apply new technologies to enhance the sound in any given space as they experiment with innovative techniques.

At Clear Sound Atlanta, we enjoy the challenges presented to us, whether it is making sure a 10-piece band can all hear what they need in their monitors, or ensuring that hundreds of people can hear their favorite performer from the very back of the venue.

We watch, we read, and we converse with other engineers in our quest for bigger and better sound. In search of clarity and nuance, we employ new tricks and new tools in our quest for perfection. From speakers to consoles, from microphones to microphone placement and from preamps to plug-ins, we are collectively striving to find the best of the best and to utilize it to bring an ideal audio experience to the listener, be it a personal monitor mix or a front of house mix.





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