Engineering Services

Sound Equipment Rental
Clear Sound Atlanta has a full inventory of sound equipment. From wireless microphones to large-scale sound systems for corporate presentations, live music events and special occasions.

Sound Engineering
CSA sound engineers are available to set up and operate rental equipment during events. All CSA engineers are professionally trained and understand the intricacies of sound reinforcement as well the practicalities of creating a good mix in any space.

If you are a small to large live band in need of a P.A. system we can accommodate you. Give us a call to design a system and dedicate an audio engineer for your performance.

Sound Installation
Clear Sound Atlanta specializes in sound installation and repairing audio systems for live music venues. Services include: systems integration, design service, acoustical consulting, troubleshooting and installation. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians enable us to provide the highest professional quality installations at competitive prices.

Movie Props
We provide sound equipment used for movie props around Atlanta. Working with motion picture companies like 20th Century Fox and Tristar Pictures to capture the look of professional live performances.




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