Sound Installation
Clear Sound Atlanta specializes in sound installation and repairing audio systems for live music venues. Services include: systems integration, design service, acoustical consulting, troubleshooting and installation. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians enable us to provide the highest professional quality installations at competitive prices.

Are you considering upgrading your audio system? Clear Sound will perform a 9 point inspection of your audio system to determine your specific needs:
  1. Inspect electrical layout and quality (technical ground, circuits, amperage, location)
  2. Estimate acoustical properties (echo, reverb, intelligibility, ceiling height, and windows)
  3. Analyze signal flow, wiring and routing
  4. Observe gain structure
  5. Assess total system functionality
  6. Create current equipment list
  7. Take current equipment photos and perspective photos
  8. Record room dimensions and layout
  9. Notate general client complaints
Contact us at 404.585.5967 to schedule your 9 Point Inspection.

Discounts are available for houses of worship.